With only the locals and a few smarty pants in town this is prime time for scooping up an amazing pad in order to be ready to hit the beach in style when temperatures drop.

Our selection showcase fully renovated beauties under $ 650,000! Impossible you say? Nothing is impossible in Naples and while the Paradise Coast is known for luxurious sprawling estates great bargains do exist. The time of year to survey this market is critical. When the barometer increases that is when buyers who are ready to make a purchase descend on our coast. Sellers who choose to keep their property on the market during the summer months essentially indicate that they are ready to review all offers.

The Naples real estate market is perceived to be a seasonal market with the majority of transactions occurring between the January and June. Properties along the beach and in golf course communities still follow this trend as unsold listings are removed from the market at the beginning of the summer. Sellers who are “serious” about selling their property and who perhaps passed on “low” offers during the season will be paying close attention to an offer that is put forth anytime after the 4th of July. Take a look at these beauties and get ready to reach for that checkbook!!

Please Send Links correlating to each image below with the title. If that is what you were getting at:

2875 Gulf Shore Blvd N # 408 $ 549,000

222 Harbour Dr # 312 $ 499,900

4786 West Blvd  B# 201 $ 549,000

333 Harbour Dr # 108 $ 485,000

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