Yahoo reported that has outlined the top counties in the United States where wealthy individuals have choosen to move to based data supplied by the IRS.

Collier County topped the list as tax return accounting identified 15,150 people moved to the area in 2008.  The average income per person was reported as $76,161 and migration to the area came mostly from neighboring counties such as Lee, Miami Dade, Orange and Palm Beach.

Florida’s lack of income tax and relatively low personal tax burdens deem the state to be a fairly attractive option for high-income earners, many who presently pay hefty annual income taxes in their home states.

As if the gorgeous sunshine, beautiful beaches and ideal quality of life were not enough to entice one to call Naples home, perhaps the extra cash in the wallet will !

“Top 5 Places Where America’s Money is Moving”
1. Collier County, FL
2. Greene County, GA
3. Nassau County, FL
4. Llano County, TX
5. Walton County, FL


*Residents of Florida and Texas do not pay state income tax


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