Your priorities. Your best interests. The Partnership.

Imagine this scenario: you walk into an Open House and the listing agent shows you the property. You like it and want to put in an offer. Who do you think will get the better deal – you, the buyer – or the seller whose house the listing agent is showing? Who is your advocate in that situation? Who is looking out for your best interests? Who is representing your needs?

We are a buyer’s representative, or buyer’s agent. We are your partner. Our primary focus is to take your property wish list and turn it into a reality in today’s market place. As a buyer’s agent, it is our #1 job to take the time to understand and clarify the items that you consider “must have” features in your next home. Clarification is crucial for us to do our job effectively and a clear understanding of the “must have” list is also essential for you, the buyer, as the search moves forward. Property searches can be exhausting. We keep your search on track and present you with unbiased options that you may have never considered.

Our goal is to assist buyers in selecting, negotiating and purchasing the optimal property; one that not only meets all the criteria but that feels right. We specialize in providing independent and confidential services to our clients with no added costs, as our services are paid for by the seller of the property.

What laws protect you? As your representative, we will discuss the laws and how they can and will protect you, but this information is not available unless you enlist the assistance of a buyer’s agent!

Naples Meridian team members are proud to have earned their certification as accredited buyer representatives (ABR). We have helped countless buyers purchase properties in the United Kingdom and Naples, Florida.

Our portfolio of buyer’s services will provide you with a valuable local advantage in your search for the perfect Naples property.

Contact us to receive a complimentary prospectus with properties that meet your criteria and a current local market report that is critical to making a timely and informed purchase.

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