As we come to terms with leaving Bali and the 24 hour flight ahead of us we leave you with some of our favorite images of the beauty and stillness of this enchanting location.



The-fragrance-of-jasmine-honeysuckle-and-rice-is-everywhere.-This-arbors-flowers-are-particular-to-bali.1-150x150 Rice-fields-as-far-as-the-eye-can-see-11-150x150 Our-favorite-sitting-place-at-Swasti-Cottages-Bali1-150x150 Fatima-chooses-to-spend-her-last-day-with-a-new-friend1-150x150 A-traditional-home-within-the-fields1-150x150 a-farmers-house-amongst-the-rice-fields-in-bali1-150x150







We started this adventure with no expectations but  instead shear joy at our good fortune that this journey was possible.

We depart inspired and with a great sense of  gratitude, one based in the wonderment of  its people, their culture and the divine space they have created and are gracious enough to share.




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