To my fellow readers; while the article below outlines how approval was obtained the specifics on the fate of the residential condominiums is still outstanding. There is much work the Athens Group needs to do to secure final approval. Taking into consideration how long it took for City Council to approve new mixed-use buildings along 5th Avenue South, the Athens Group may need to go back to the drawing board a few more times before a concensus is reached.

Naples City Council has approved plans for a new five-star resort that will take the place of the historic Naples Beach Hotel.

The developer has said the plans are designed to continue the traditions that have made the storied hotel an important part of the fabric of the community, but the project has drawn mixed reactions in the community.

With two unanimous votes of 7-0 Wednesday, the City Council approved a site plan with deviations — or exceptions — from city codes and a developer rights agreement setting the standards for the redevelopment of the hotel.

The decisions came after a day-long hearing, during which all aspects of the multi-million-dollar project were presented and considered in great detail.



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