Industry Conventions.   They are filled with meetings, break out sessions, trade shows, evenings out the list goes on and on.  In or opinion, passionate and enlightened speakers that delve into the heart of the topic are the true gems.

We just got back from the Florida Realtors Conference in Orlando and Barbara Corcoran and Zan Monroe were the stars that stood out.  We could write pages and pages on our impressions, yet  who cares about what we think, what they said is what is most important.

Barbara Corcorans views ( as we heard them)

I am great at failure; what separates the great from the good is how someone rebounds after taking a big hit (to their ego, job). Those who rebound with lighting speed always excel.

Perception creates reality; the power of endorsements

Everyone wants what everybody wants; find a way to create demand

Expand before you are ready; take a leap of faith and the world takes care of you

Expanders and containers; you need both types of people to run a successful business

Fun is good for business

Bad times are the best times to move ahead

You don’t have to win, you just have to go; have the self confidence to walk through the door, you deserve to be there!


Zan Monroe’s views ( as we heard them)

Your world will be the same tomorrow except for ; the people you meet, the places you go and the (non fiction) books you read.

Plan your work and work your plan; you may not know how you are going to get there but you have to set a goal!

What will your business look like when you are finished? you don’t want to be a rookie every year

Get on a path to financial peace of mind; save every $1 bill for a true rainy day.

Control your environment; everything either gives energy or takes energy away. Get rid of everything that is sucking out the energy.

Simplify: get a crystal clear image about what is most important to you ( business, family) and everything else falls away.

Daily Affirmations will change your life!

The word “affirmation”may sound a little hokey to some of us but the in the end what both of these speakers were trying to convey is that focus, passion and positivity are the cornerstones of success.

But it all starts with the power to Believe.

We hope everyone out there is believing everyday.   Check out this great example of Jessica’s morning ritual, it’s a great place to start.


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