Our bags are packed (well sort of)…as the countdown begins before we make our debut on the Sâo Paulo scene…

We are thrilled to be taking part in the INVESTIR USA Expo beginning next week in Sâo, Paulo Brazil. This expo is poised to be attended by investor groups, real estate professionals and every day buyers who are seeking to learn about investing in the Sunshine State. Naples Meridian will be the sole representative for the South West Florida region and we will be taking part in a variety of events. First, yours truly Fatima S. Khokhar will be speaking at the Expo as part of the seminar series where my presentation will answer questions such as:

  • Why would I buy in Naples?
  • What do I buy?
  • How do I buy it?

Brazilians have been purchasing property in Miami for years, yet I feel it’s time for them to diversify! It’s my mission to have them realize that there is another coast to Florida and this destination is ideal for everyone.

In addition Naples Meridian will have a presence at the Expo where the group will showcase various properties and new developments that fit into the lifestyle and investment options global buyers seek.

Our website is gearing up for the show as we have also included our top investment picks that attendees may browse through during the Expo. I couldn’t get on a plane and not share this list!


Take a peek and let me know what you think as these selections are based on properties being in move in ready condition, having a strong rental income and of course their location.

We are off to run through our final checklist before heading to the airport yet we look forward to recapping the results of the Expo once the final guest has left the building. At this point we are most curious to see what the reaction of our investment options may be from our friends in the Southern Hemisphere… Stay tuned!

PS I’ve been cramming to learn as much Portuguese as possible.

“Fátima” is a pretty common name since there is a Lady of Fátima in Portugal. I am quietly hoping no one asks me about my views on religion.

Dios Mío!

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